Image Background Blurer

Generate a blurred background frame for an image, using that image source as the background blur, for Notion, Trello, Jira and more tools

Screenshot of the Image Background Blurer interface

Customize Blur

Adjust the slider to set the amount of background blur you would like.

Customize Opacity

Subtle background or obvious? Change the opacity to your liking

Configure Dimensions

Use a preset dimension, e.g. Notion Gallery image, or set your own custom aspect ratio

Download or copy

Download a single image, download all images at once, or simply right click and copy!

Notion Board View

Use generated images in your Notion board view as a cover photo

Notion Gallery View

Use your generated image in the Notion gallery view, adding it as content to the page

Jira card preview

Use your generated image as a cover photo for your Jira cards in the Kanban view

Trello card preview

Use your generated images as a Trello card cover